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Pressure Corp Appoints John Happ III as New CEO

For Immediate Release:

John Happ

Houston, TX: Pressure Corp is pleased to announce and welcome John Happ III as its Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Happ brings to Pressure Corp 25+ years of experience in the energy industry across physical and financial trading, hedging and marketing of electricity, Natural Gas, Emissions, Crude and NGL’s. Mr. Happ’s last post was as Chief Commercial Officer of Southcross Energy, where the Southcross team revived the company from bankruptcy to its sale to Targa Resources in just two years.

As an experienced business leader, Mr. Happ will lead Pressure Corp’s mission to reduce emissions today for midstream gas and heavy industry by upcycling their waste pressure into clean energy.

Mr. Happ’s background in upstream and midstream project development and physical and financial trading in the electricity, emissions, oil and gas and NGL further bolster Pressure Corp’s energy market expertise. Mr. Happ has had direct involvement in deal teams consummating M&A deals over $3B and long-term transport agreements over $200MM.

Notably, Mr. Happ has 20 years of experience trading emissions credits. “I recognized in the early 2000s that an opportunity was emerging to commercialize emissions reductions which lead to the launch an emissions group within my oil & gas trading firm,” says Mr. Happ, “Pressure Corp’s business model provides an exciting space to combine my experiences in energy and emissions trading to scale an ESG solution for midstream gas and heavy industry.”

“We are excited to have access to the breadth of experience and expertise Mr. Happ has obtained throughout his career,” says Mihir Desu, Pressure Corp President, “He will be vital to Pressure Corp’s continued growth and is a significant asset to the team.”

About Pressure Corp

Pressure Corp develops waste pressure power systems that transform waste pressure from pipelines into clean energy with zero impact on customer budgets. Pressure Corp is headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA and their Canadian office is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Media Contact:

Jay Brown

Director of Business Development & Origination



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