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A wasted resource that today's power industry can capture

Waste pressure is a wasted source of energy that has value to industry, utilities, and society. 

Natural gas demand often mirrors power demand which makes waste pressure a reliable peaking power source. 

Our waste pressure power systems transform wasted energy from existing processes into clean energy. There is no need to develop extensive infrastructure as the power generated can be used on site. 

Waste pressure can be leveraged as a distributed energy resource (DER) for utilities who integrate our waste pressure power systems within city gate stations. 

Waste pressure is a reliable clean energy source that provides baseload power. Gas demand remains largely consistent during annual cycles and when there are periods of high gas demand, such as an extreme weather event, waste pressure provides power when it is needed the most. 

By leveraging available onsite waste heat resources to pre-heat natural gas during the Joule-Thomson process, waste pressure can become a 100% emission-free power source. 

Finding avenues to reduce emissions from heavy industry is a major issue facing policymakers. Our third-party financing solution provides an opportunity for regulators to set their emission targets collaboratively with industry.

How is waste pressure created?

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Waste pressure is created by gas expansion at pressure letdown stations (PLS) or Joule-Thomson valves. 

Our experienced team will conduct a complimentary Waste Pressure Analysis of your PLS network to identify viable waste pressure projects. We coordinate with your facilities to unlock the value of your waste pressure. We only develop projects that are beneficial for all our stakeholders. 

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Gas is transported via pipelines at high pressure.

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For industrial use, facilities drop the gas to a lower pressure.

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As the pressure drops and the gas expands, wasted mechanical energy can be transformed into clean electricity.

Generate clean electricity from your existing pressure letdown stations.

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