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Pressure Corp’s mission is to provide industry the tools and resources they require to reduce their emissions today by eliminating the barriers to achieving their ESG goals.

Pressure Corp monetizes waste pressure from transmission pipelines, distribution utilities, gas power plants and industrial facilities by transforming the resource into turnkey clean energy. We develop a clean energy system that reduces Scope 1 methane emissions and Scope 2 carbon emissions for our customers while providing reliable behind-the-meter power.

Pressure Corp provides complete project funding to develop our waste pressure power system. We eliminate all capital risks for our customers by supplying third-party capital. We enable our customers to maintain focus on their core business while we provide a tangible ESG solution that exceeds their corporate objectives.

We are an ESG Developer that deploys mature technology in novel applications to reduce emissions and create strategic value for our customers, not 5 or 10 years from now, but today. 

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We deliver a scalable ESG solution by deploying proven technology with third-party capital supported by our commercial expertise.

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