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How do we upcycle your waste pressure?

We harness waste pressure to generate clean energy by deploying our waste pressure power system at pipeline pressure letdown stations.

Our waste pressure power system has the flexibility to manage a wide range of daily gas flows and pressure drops to maximize the efficiency of your pressure letdown station (PLS). Our team conducts a technical analysis of your PLS data to determine the optimal waste pressure power system for your operational, safety, and performance requirements.


We deliver a pre-assembled, modular package that minimizes site impact, while decreasing construction timelines. We work with reputable vendors to deliver a reliable waste pressure solution that minimizes maintenance and maximizes energy efficiency. Our waste pressure power system consists of four primary components: Pre-Heater, Turboexpander, Gearbox Assembly, and Generator. Each component is uniquely integrated to form a modularized style package.


How do we fund your waste pressure project?

We convert waste pressure into clean energy that can be sold on-site or interconnected to the grid. We leverage our capital sources to remove capital burdens from your balance sheet and O&M budgets.

Our business model accelerates project deployments to help you reduce your emissions today. We are a full service systems integrator that manages every step of transforming waste pressure into clean energy. This includes the pre-engineering and feasibility studies on your site, prefabrication of our waste pressure power system, delivery of the system to the site location, and installation of the balance of system.

Keep your budgets focused on your core business with our project financing solution.

Full Service Project Development

Reducing your ​emissions no longer requires you to risk your own capital. Our innovative project financing solution provides the capital required to unlock the value of your waste pressure. 

We assess the technical feasibility of potential waste pressure project sites, maximize power purchase agreements (PPA), secure engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) partners, complete permits, assist with grant applications, source carbon credits and everything else required to successfully upcycle your waste pressure into clean energy.

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We work on your behalf to align all the stakeholders necessary to unlock the value of your waste pressure.


We source patient capital from our network of American, Canadian, and international investors.


We secure a PPA to offtake the power generated from the waste pressure project.


We work with governments and regulators to secure permits, incentives, and grants to support harnessing your waste pressure.

Safe & Reliable Operation

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We work with our manufacturing and EPC partners to ensure safe and reliable operation of our waste pressure power systems. Each installation is built in parallel to your existing PLS valve to maintain continued operation. 

Turboexpander technology, which is the core component of our system, has been field tested for decades and is backed by several reputable manufacturers. 

If available, we tap into the waste heat resources at your facility to improve the efficiency of pre-heating gas.

A Team Effort

Successful development of a waste pressure project requires that we work closely with everyone on your team. We are focused on supporting our stakeholders in achieving their unique goals. 

Executive Leadership

Direct emission reduction solutions that increase the value of your brand and add to your bottom line. 

Engineering & Facility Management

Implement a safe and reliable project that leverages proven technology and improves the efficiency of your facility. 

ESG & Sustainability

Deliver a tangible ESG solution that achieves your environmental goals today. 

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Our Roadmap for a Successful Partnership

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Unlock the value of your waste pressure.

Take advantage of your complimentary Waste Pressure Analysis to discover the value of your waste pressure. Submit your high-level pressure letdown station data through our secure form to begin. 

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