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We are searching for innovators who want to make a difference

Pressure Corp is always on the lookout for individuals passionate about reducing emissions and challenging the status quo. 

If any of these statements describe you, let's chat! 

  • I create solutions before others realize there is a problem.

  • I continually seek new ways to improve myself and those around me.

  • I have a burning curiosity that can only be satiated through hands-on learning.

  • I allow myself to fail and know that it takes a team to succeed.

Pressure Corp seeks diverse people who provide a wide range of thinking, life experiences, and backgrounds. We encourage applications from everyone in our community.


While we are not actively recruiting at this time, we are always excited to find people committed to our mission. Please reach out! 

Thank you for your for contacting Pressure Corp. We will get back to as soon as we can.

Pressure Corp provides a space for growth for folks seeking an entrepreneurial environment with a focus on:

  • Determination and perseverance

  • A drive to achieve

  • Opportunity orientation

  • Persistent problem solving

  • Feedback seeking

  • High internal locus of control

  • Tolerance for ambiguity

  • Calculated risk taking

  • Tolerance for failure

  • High energy level

  • Creativity and innovativeness

  • Vision

  • Passion

  • Team builder

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