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MBA Candidates from Haas School of Business begin internship with Pressure Corp

Pressure Corp has partnered with the BIS Consulting program to link a vital market research project with teams of interdisciplinary graduate students from the UC Berkeley campus. Three MBA candidates will work closely with Pressure Corp's management team to validate the market opportunity of waste pressure in North America.

About the BIS Consulting Program

BIS is the action-arm of the UC Berkeley graduate-student body. They seek to further the UN Sustainable Development Goals by matching students to SDG-aligned clients and projects that accelerate new-economy innovations or tackle societal problems.

Teams are designed to meet their clients’ needs with complementary areas of academic focus and past professional experience. The opportunity for students to collaborate across academic disciplines provides both a unique experience for student participants and a valuable perspective for BIS clients. These teams of 3 - 5 graduate students work between 3-8 hours per week per student for 8 to 10 weeks. Project tasks and deliverables are decided between the team and the client.


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