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Clean Power from Waste Pressure


Pressure Corp develops and finances waste pressure power systems that transform pipeline waste pressure into clean energy with zero impact on customer budgets.

Reducing industrial emissions doesn't have to be a liability.
We monetize your waste pressure.

Pressure Corp provides industrial facilities and the distributors and operators of pipelines a revenue-positive Scope 1 and 2 emission-reduction solution by transforming their waste pressure into clean energy. We leverage proven technology for our waste pressure power system and third-party capital to eliminate the technical and financial risk for our host customers. Pressure Corp enables our host customers to focus on their core business while adding to their bottom line and achieving a critical Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) objective - reducing emissions.

Where we develop waste pressure power systems

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Industrial facilities that require high volumes of gas feedstock

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Natural gas and hydrogen pipeline owners and operators

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Owners and operators of gas power plants

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Let us help you unlock the value of your waste pressure resources

Now is the time.

  • ESG investors are searching for companies that are committed to reducing their emissions

  • Policymakers are creating new incentives for companies that procure clean energy

  • Grid firming with clean baseload power at industrial facilities is increasing in importance

  • Carbon pricing has improved returns for capital providers and increased incentives for shovel-ready projects.

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